Menorca - Mallorca

The most extreme challenge of Neda el Món: cross the 37 km that separate the island of Menorca from the island of Mallorca, the 37 km that separate Cap d'Andrutx (in Menorca) and Cala Fumada (in Mallorca).

A challenge with capital letters that with Neda the Món will be easier. And it will be easier because Neda el Món puts all its means to make it: training planning during the previous 5 months, training sessions in Barcelona once a month and all the logistics to support the swimmer during the challenge.

Solo, or in groups of 2, or in groups of 4, or by relays of 2 or relays of 4. Each swimmer solo, or each group, whether relay or not, has a total cost of 3,500€ to split with the members of the team, and it will have a motor boat that will support him/them throughout the journey.


Menorca - Mallorca 37k


  • Which day? The day of the challenge will be between 1st and 5th August, the first day that the weather conditions are favorable. If none of the days allow us to do the crossing, it will be rescheduled for the following weekends. Swimmers need to be in Menorca on July 31st.
  • Meeting point? At Ciutadella harbor (Menorca)
  • Time? The call time will be at 4.30am and the departure will be at 5.30am in Cap d'Andrutx.


  • Trainings. There will be a weekly training schedule to be performed by the swimmer at home for 18 weeks and 3 additional group and sea training sessions during the previous months.
  • Boats. Each swimmer solo or each group, whether relay or not, will have a motor boat that will support him/them throughout the journey.
  • Feeding. There will be stops every 45 minutes for feeding, lasting a maximum of one minute. Each swimmer will have on his boat his feeding and a small bag with personal items. Neda el Món will provide water, aquarius and bananas.
  • Welcome pack. The organization will provide a commemorative cap, a HEAD gift and a diploma for the finishers of the challenge, either individually or as a team.
  • Health Service. The motor boat will have the necessary health services for the care of swimmers if necessary.
  • Relatives. An accompanying boat can be requested at
  • Insurance. Liability and accident insurance will be taken out for each of the swimmers and companions.
  • Online store. Discounts in our online store.

Nutrition service

A good nutrition plan is key to achieving all the goals we have. The nutritional needs of each person are specific and our genetic predispositions indicate how the body uses each nutrient. We can study in detail the scientific relationship between your diet, your lifestyle habits and your goals, identifying the nutrients you need in relation to your goals and dietary preferences. Send an email to and we'll help you transform your nutritional habits and achieve your health goals.

Face to face training sessions in Barcelona

  • April 15th-16th: group pool and sea training sessions
  • June 3rd-4th: group pool and sea training sessions
  • July 15th-16th: Pool and sea group training
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