Swim across the Straits of Gibraltar

Crossing the Strait is one of the biggest challenges every open water swimmer aspires to accomplish. This challenge was created because the swimmers coming to our activities encouraged us to make a group that represented Neda el Món in this exciting journey. Since 2012 there have been many swimmers who have managed to cross the Strait with Neda El Món, and this year we hope to expand the list with all of you.

If you aim to cross the Straits and you would like to join the Neda el Món group, please contact us at and tell us what motivates you to do so. 

The Neda el Món pack is 2,680€. It includes all the arrangements, the ACNEG payment and previous group training supervised by our technical team. 

It is a requirement to swim the Strait of Gibraltar to have participated in the previous year in the Rhodes-Marmaris crossing. You have all the information here.

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