Transfronterera (simple or double)

It’s a big challenge: swimming from one country to another! In fact, it used to be a crime before the Schengen Agreement. Nowadays it’s a romantic adventure. We’ll start at Cerbère (France), following the Cap de Cerbère and enjoying part of the Marenda Coast. The challenge will end at the lovely Portbou village, protected by a rock-cut bay. From year 2013, you can swim Transfronterera (Cerbère - Portbou 3.300m) or double Transfronterera (Portbou - Cerbère - Portbou 6.600m)


Cerbère - Portbou. 3.300 metres

Alternative A in case of bad weather conditions

  • Transfer. In bus for all participants of Transfronterera 3.300m, from Portbou to Cerbère.
  • Transfer - Excursion. For those swimmers who want to transfer from Portbou to Cerbère walking with us, we have prepared a guided excursion to reach the point of departure. If you want to join us, is free and you can do it here. Sports shoes are mandatory! Later on, we are going to bring you your stuff in Portbou.
  • InsurancesAll swimmers and all volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents.
  • Local activitiesThe organization will provide the swimmers who would like to spend the weekend there, with information about possible activities to be done around the area.
  • Briefing. There will be an informative briefing for the swimmers the day before the event, on Saturday June 28th, at 8.30pm, at the Portbou Civic Centre.
  • Wetsuit rental.  You can rent a wetsuit at Neda el Món. If you want to collect it the day of the event, click here. If you want us to send it to your home, click here.
  • Cloakroom service. There will be a cloakroom service at the arrival area.
  • Food and drinks. The organization will provide food and drinks during as well as after the event at some specific places.
  • Physiotherapy. On arrival a physiotherapy service will be offered by a team of professionals from “El Quinto Meta”.
  • Wetsuit cleaning. While you recover from the effort, you can clean and dry your wetsuit at the arrival area at the Portbou Port.
  • Showers. All swimmers can have a shower at the arrival area at the Portbou beach.
  • Security/medical service. In first place the kayaks will provide security. In case anybody needs to be evacuated, pneumatic boats are available. In addition there will be a medically equipped boat and an ambulance at the arrival.
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