SwimHolidays Maddalena Isole

A new, spectacular Neda el Món activity!! Holidays and open waters… Neda el Món holidays!! If you book for this activity you will be able to admire the breathtaking views of the Maddalena Isles at Sardinia (Italy) while doing something you like most: Swimming!! Swimming around three beautiful isles: Isola Soffi (3.2km), Isola Lavezzi (4.8km) and Isola Cavallo (5.7km). Your two nights’ accommodation will be on some spectacular Sardinian sailboats that will also follow the crossings. The experience of your life!!


Day 1, Isola Soffi (3,2k)

Day 2, Isola Lavezzi (4,8k)

Day 3, Isola Cavallo (5,7k)


The Swim Holidays Maddalena pack will be 1,350€/pax (prices are subject to change depending on season of year) for the swimmers and 1,300€/pax for the people who go with them. It includes the journey from Barcelona, the transfers to Palau (Sardinia), three nights’ accommodation and all the meals except dinners.


  • The journey from Barcelona to Olbia (Sardinia) will be by plane. We will leave Thursday, 22nd June, and come back Sunday 25th June. In case you prefer leaving from another place Neda el Món will consider other possible options. All the trips will be organised by VIATGI.
  • Transfers to Palau (Sardinia) by bus from Olbia.
  • Accommodation: On the sailboats hired by Neda el Món. There will be double or triple rooms. NO single rooms.
  • Meals: During the three crossing days breakfasts and lunches will be offered on the sailboats, included in the price.
  • Swims: There will be three swims, surrounding three of the Maddalena archipelago isles. Swimmers will be accompanied by sailboats, motorboats and kayaks.
  • Medical service:  The sailboats will dispose of the necessary medical service in case a swimmer might need it.
  • Insurance: All swimmers will have a Liability Insurance and an insurance against accidents.
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