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Swim and do an open water crossing is an extraordinary experience, both at physical and sensory level and therefore our mind plays an important role. At Neda el Món we want you to continue enjoying the experience, those who already had it, and we would like to accompany and help those who will do a first one. So we put at your disposal sport psychology services through Ernest Torras (associated 18103).

The sport psychology can help you improve your performance with the implementation of a series of tools that will be useful however to increase your self-knowledge. The mental part is increasingly important to achieve your goals. Actually, clubs, federations and sports professionals are hiring the services of sports psychologist.

What can the sport psychologist do for you?

  • Manage your nerves and pre-competition anxiety
  • Helping to work and strengthen the training schedule set
  • Work on setting goals both in training and competition
  • Improving the management of thoughts during the open water crossing
  • Increase the concentration and focus of attention
  • Working unforeseen events that can harm during the open water crossing
  • Helping to work-family-sport life balance
  • Improve the processes of recovery and rehabilitation in injuries

We offer to swim addicts exclusively a free first visit and a special price of € 40 per session.

Contact our Sports Psychologist at the following email:

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