1st personalised OW Stage by Neda el Món



We debuted our brand-new Neda el Món experience between August 18 and August 25. We created a customized Open Water Stage based on the preferences provided by the swimmers, which included pool sessions with a variety of coaches and open sea sessions over various stretches of the Catalan coastline.

A wonderful experience for both the organization and the swimmers. Simply send an email to if you'd like to participate in this learning opportunity, and we'll create a stage specifically for you according to the number of days and swimmers that are available.

We're looking forward to experiencing more stages like the ones we've lately experienced!

Yana Lohvinenko: an heroine in Cap de Creus!



The sea is capricious. Jellyfish and currents don't warn, they just appear! This is what happened on the 8th of August during the attempt of Yana Lohvinenko, a Ukrainian swim addict more than prepared, to reach the Cap de Creus challenge: swimming from Port de la Selva to Roses. An unexpected and very strong current against from Cap de Creus to Cadaqués made Yana's dream impossible.

Nada el Món, with Yana's own approval, activated plan B and the challenge was completed in Cadaqués, specifically at Llaner Gran beach. From Port de la Selva to Cadaqués, 19.8km completed after 10 hours and 19 minutes swimming like a true heroine.

Yana has been an example before, during and after the swim, congratulations champion!

Menorca Mallorca: congrats to our extremist swimmers!



Last Tuesday 1st of August, 3 of our amazing swimmers, V Emma Vockins (Reading, UK), Pere Dalmau (Mataró) and Jeremías Mateo (Granollers), swam from Mallorca to Menorca. No more and no less than 37.8km. And in a great time: 12 hours and 24 minutes. Spectacular!

Although it was initially planned to make the journey from Menorca to Mallorca, the weather conditions made it advisable to make the attempt the other way round: from Cap des Freu (in Mallorca) to Far d'Andrutx (in Menorca), from 7.32am to 7.56pm. More than half a day swimming to fulfil their dream. Proud to work for you, a lesson in swim addiction! Congratulations our friends!

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