New Sailfish Swimrun Light wetsuit


Sailfish Swimrun Light

Sailfish launches a new wetsuit ideal for swimrun competitions held in our country, with warmer temperatures than in the events held in Central and Northern Europe.

With a 1.5 to 2 mm thickness, it's been specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable on the running segments, where the thicker swimrun wetsuits can hinder your performance by excessive heat and less freedom of movement.

It is made of an innovative breathable neoprene material combined with woven textiles. It also has a front zipper with an emergency whistle included, adjustable neck, two interior pockets and one exterior pocket.

It is not yet on sale, but you can book it now in our online store. The price is 199 €.

Do you need new goggles? Zoggs has the perfect ones for you!



Visit our online store and check out the new goggles that Zoggs has created for this season!

New models, colors, materials and features for an excellent performance both at sea and in the pool. UV protection, anti-fog treatment, 180 ° view ... Top technology made glasses so you can focus on enjoying the swim or do your best while training.

Some models have been created in a limited edition, so if you like them, do not think twice!

Yellow is trendy!


Neda el Món Buoy

The Neda el Món security buoy for open water swimmers is also available in yellow! You will not go unnoticed.

The buoy serves four important functions without hindering your performance or stroke:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes.

Grab yours on our online store. Available in two sizes:

  • 64 x 30 cm: 31.00 €
  • 60 x 26 cm: 26.00 €


ZOGGS, new title sponsor of the 2nd Neda El Món SwimRun Barcelona


barcelona swim run
Zoggs, the favorite brand of open water swimmers and triathletes will be the new title sponsor of the 2nd Neda El Món SwimRun Barcelona which will be held next November 19th in Barcelona.
The swimming brand Zoggs and Neda El Món have reached a sponsorship agreement to collaborate in what will be the second edition of the only swim run organized in the coastal area of Barcelona. The 2nd Neda El Món SwimRun Barcelona, a scoring event for the SwimRun Spain Championship, will take place in the Catalan coast of Barcelona with departures from Cabrera de Mar and Premià de Mar and arriving in Badalona. Participants can sign in groups or individually in three different distances of 32K, 21K and 11K.


Get a new Sailfish wetsuit now with a 10 % discount!



Gear up for a great open water season with the Sailfish wetsuits, now with a 10 % discount in our online store!

Well known for their high degree of flexibility, excellent balance of buoyancy as well as superior hydrodynamics, the Sailfish wetsuits are loyal to their motto: “made to make you faster”.

Enter the code JXCB5 when paying for the discount to be applied.

Promotion valid for all models except Current Blade, Rebel and Swimrun Light. Take advantage of it!

Discount Code for the 8th Neda El Món Illes Medes Marató TV3



Take a trip to Illes Medes by swimming! Use the code MEDES17 and enjoy a 25% discount on the registration fee. This promotion is valid until the 200 first swimmers enrolled.

On November 4th we will be waiting for you in L'Estartit to participate in the 8th Neda El Món Illes Medes Marató de TV3. This year Neda El Món offers three different distances: 5,700m, 3,400m and 1,700m plus the 4x800m relays.

The 26th edition of the Marató of TV3 is celebrated on Sunday, December, 17th, and is fundraising money that will be used to fund several research projects dedicated to find a cure for group of diseases that cause one in three deaths worldwide, and that according to experts, will become a serious public health problem. Help us raise money and participate here!


Get now your Neda el Món safety dry bag and train safe


Boia Neda el Món

The Neda el Món safety dry bag has been specifically designed for open water swimmers, serving four important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes. 

Visit our online store and choose your size. It is available in 3 colours (orange, pink and yellow) and two sizes, 64x30 cm and 60x26 cm.

Sailfish Current, 3 models



The Current Sailfish swim jammer is once again available on our website!

An excellent aid for training and competition that has been designed to replace the pull buoy. With its 3 to 5 mm thick, it is excellent for swim trainings in pools and open water. Three models available, two long and two thicknesses

Get yours from € 69 in our online store!

David Sullà: Count on me, I swim for you


David Sullà
A 1,000 children and adolescents living in Catalonia are affected by different diseases that in many cases make their death predictable and have specific palliative needs. The professionals of the field and many families are asking for the creation of a specialized support network that can handle the complexity and the palliative needs of children under the age of 18.
David Sullà, Masters' Swimmer of Club Natació Catalunya, has proposed to join his sporting challenges with a solidarity challenge: to raise funds for the project "Cuenta conmigo". The crossing of May 28, the 7th Neda El Mundo Swim Barcelona, was part of his calendar of open water crossings.
Together with professionals from five reference hospitals, Fundación Enriqueta Villavecchia has worked on the proposal to create a support network that can provide better care and support these families, in a comprehensive way, for all the children affected by any disease, not only oncological, throughout the Catalan territory. Since the beginning of this year, Fundación Enriqueta Villavecchia has already put in place a psychosocial care team that serves the children and adolescents of different hospitals, especially in the domiciliary area. The project is called "Cuenta conmigo", and David Sullà, who knows the project, has launched a campaign to fundraise through crowdfunding. The campaign began on May 5th and the donations are given through the web page "Mi grano de arena: - you / ".
From Neda El Mundo we want to thank David Sullà for having "counted on us" for this noble cause, and from here we wish him and his cause all the best!

Safe Sea, special sunscreen for jellyfish stings


Safe Sea

Safety is a basic tenet in Neda el Món, that is why we have decided to add the Safe Sea cream to our online store. Safe Sea contains unique and patented ingredients that protect against jellyfish stings in several ways:

  • Its slippery texture makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to get a grip.
  • Chemical (stoppers) in the lotion block up the sites where the stinging process is activated. 
  • Other inhibitors (stoppers) block the chemical pathway. 
  • Chemical stoppers reduce pressure in the stinging cells, preventing the jellyfish from firing its stings.

Safe Sea prevents the stimulation of jellyfish tentacles after contact with the human skin. 

Other features:

  • UVB / UVA Protection. Safe Sea contains physical, chemical and biological filters which reduce the effects of solar radiation on the skin.
  • Very water resistant. Clinical trials have proven that Safe Sea is very water resistant, enduring up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. In case of minimum contact with water, Safe Sea's protection is prolonged.
  • Preservative-free. Safe Sea’s formula is sterile, so there’s no need for toxic preservatives such as parabens.
  • Water-in-Oil emulsion. Safe Sea’s Water-in-Oil emulsion gives the skin an excellent feel and keeps it hydrated.
  • Contains vitamins B and E. Vitamins B and E, which are present in Safe Sea, are important antioxidants for the human body.
  • With Bioplasma, GAG and Glycoproteins. Safe Sea’s formula contains Bioplasma-FA, the plankton extract with patented sting inhibitors. Together with GAG and glycoproteins, they improve the skin’s hydration and have anti-aging and anti-stress properties.

Available in two different formats in our online store.

Icebug swimrun shoes at



Dear swimrunners, for this comimng season 2017, the super lightweight icebug shoes are now on our online store!

They are minimals, lightweight, and have a great traction. All materials are very resistant and 'non-absorbent' so they do not increase its weight when they get wet on the swimming. The ground feel is remarkable thanks to the sole's low profile and its low drop. The pioneering and unique midsole construction causes an extra weight decrease allowing the natural movement of the foot such as running barefoot but with greater traction.

The grip on all surfaces type is superior due to an optimized pattern designed on the sole. The newly developed RB9X rubber outsole patented by Icebug makes it more durable and gives you extra traction on wet, slippery surfaces.

You also have the last units of the 2016 season at an unbeatable price with a 20% discount!

Get ready to do the best on your swimruns this season!

Click here to see all models.

Cross the Strait with us in September!



One of the greatest chanllenges for an open water swimmer is crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

Neda El Món has helped many swimmers crossing the strait.In 2012, 12 swimmers succeded, 20 in 2013, 21 in 2014, 22 in 2015 and 23 in 2016. This year we would love to help many more swimmers complete this adventure!

If you would like to join us in this adventures, see all the details here

Recover your muscles from the 7th Neda El Món Swim Barcelona



El Quinto Meta is the Official Physiotherapist provider of Neda El Món. After each race they help your muscles recover from the swim to prevent muscle pain through manual techniques and stetching. Besides, they always provide great advice on how to prevent injuries. 

The team of El Quinto Meta is giving you, until June 30th, an exclusive promotion* for all the swimmers who took part in the competition last Sunday, which consists of a 45 minute treatment for only 20€. 




*Promotion available until 30/06/2017 and registration fee must be shown 

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