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The Neda el Món Pack is a promotion to participate in 3 of the swims organized by Neda el Món.

  • 8a Neda el Món SwimBarcelona (Barcelona)
  • 9a Neda el Món Zoggs Illes Medes Marató TV3 (Girona)
  • 5a Neda el Món SwimBarcelona Sant Silvestre (Barcelona)

The Neda el Món pack costs 90€. 

Once you have the Neda el Món pack, you need to send an email to telling us about it and we will register you!


Click here and let the swim begin!

Tips for SwimAddicts


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In Tips for SwimAddicts we will tell you what most of the times is not explained duraing training sessions, but belong to the unwritten rules of the swimming world. 

#1 Be Brave When Training

If you want to put yourself out there during the training sessions, be brave, and reach your max for the most part of the session: do not wait until the end! Help the colleagues who swim in front of you who will surely appreciate if you interlock from time to time. It is not necessary to move past them in the last round of series, after they have done ALL the work. Tell them before you start the series and agree on how you will do them. Touching the feet of the swimmers in front of you is  great for you, but if you want to achieve results leave 5" (at least) with respect to the swimmer in front ... If you train with a group and you feel identified with what we explain, we propose a challenge for you: Offer yourself to be the first in doing one round of series. Be brave!!


Tell us what you need and we can assess you.

February 1st: Registrations open!


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On February 1st Neda el Món will open registrations so you can sign up to join us in the the 2018 swims.

Confirmed date are: 

The date for the benefic swim of the Medes Islands will finally be on October 21st. 

Join the Neda el Món Club on January and improve your open water skills


Club Neda el Món

Do you want ant to improve your swimming technique and enjoy more of each swim? Join the Neda El Món Club!

With group sessions at the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools and sea workouts in the Barceloneta beach, 20% discounts on the Crossings and Clinics of our calendar, group outings to swim on the sea and many other advantages.

Either you choose the weekly or the monthly option, the training sessions are 2 hours long and they are composed by a dryland workout (Thera-Band®), a swimming technique workout and a swimming endurance workout. There is also an online option.

Read all the details and schedule at this link or send us and e-mail to for any question you may have.

Make a major step forward in your open water performance!


Do you need new goggles? Zoggs has the perfect ones for you!



Visit our online store and check out the new goggles that Zoggs has created for this season!

New models, colors, materials and features for an excellent performance both at sea and in the pool. UV protection, anti-fog treatment, 180 ° view ... Top technology made glasses so you can focus on enjoying the swim or do your best while training.

Some models have been created in a limited edition, so if you like them, do not think twice!

The Ishof security buoy for open water swimmers is again available on our website



The Ishof security buoy for open water swimmers is again available i on our website! Again available in our web the safety buoy Neda the Món for swimmers of opened waters!

We have four models, Medium, Big, Big cell phone pouch and H2O to take along your stuff during the crossing I can access them, and three colors to choose, Orange, Pink or Yellow.

The rest, place your order and swim safe!

1a Neda el Món Swim Run Mar d'Amunt


swim run port de la selva


SALAsalut and Neda el Món are already working so that all open water swimmers and runners enjoy a swim-run in the heart of the Costa Brava Nord, in the Mar d'Amunt, which will be held in early June and El Port de la Selva will be the neuralgic point.

This project is born with the desire to bring a booming sport in the Nordic countries, the swim run - a discipline that consists in swimming and runnung without transitions, in Catalonia. Neda el Món has decided to look towards Catalonia North to bring its swim run project to the Empordà population of El Port de la Selva, where together with SALAsalut it is already working to make the weekend of June 3rd a great sporty weekend.

Very soon, you will have all the information on the distances and routes on our website!

Join the challenge: 6th Neda el Món Formigues Medes!


Formigues Medes

Are you still looking for a great challenge this 2018? Here you have one: swimming from Medes Islands to Formigues Islands. A total of 22K swimming around one of the most beatiful coastal areas of Spain, Costa Brava (a top rated destination by National Geographic in 2012).

Benefit from our training plans

With your registration you will enjoy the training plan that Neda el Món has created for the swimmers that are getting ready to cross the Straits of Gibraltar. Both online and on-site workouts, with a training test in the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools (Barcelona) on March 18th and 4 open water training sessions during 2018.



Calendar 2018


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You will soon have the official 2018 calendar released. 

Up to this day we have confirmed the following swims:

  • 8a Neda el Món Swim Barcelona (27/05)
  • 6 Neda el Món Sa Dragonera 9K (16-17/06) - Mallorca
  • Swim Holidays Sardinia (16-23/06) 
  • Creuament de l'Estret de Gibraltar (31/08-18/09) - Gibraltar Strait
  • 6a Neda el Món Illes Medes-Illes Formigues (22-23/09)
  • 5a Neda el Món Swim Barcelona Sant Silvestre (16/12)


Swim Holidays in Sardinia with Neda el Món!



Do you feel like doing a short  trip this June? Neda el Món suggests 3 days on board a boat to enjoy the spectacular turquoise waters of the italian island of Sardinia. The perfect combination of vacation and open water, an unforgettable experience!

The pack includes 3-day trip from Barcelona, transfers to Palau (Sardinia), accommodation for 3 nights and all meals except dinners. And of course lots swim addiction!

You will swim around three spectacular islands:

  • Isola Soffi: 3,2 Km
  • Isola Lavezzi: 4,8 Km
  • Isola Cavello: 5,7 Km

And all aboard a spectacular yacht in Sardinia, that besides monitoring the crossings, will be your accommodation during the 3 nights. Read all the details on this link and join us for this unique experience with Neda el Món!

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