New crossing: from Europe to Asia, from Greece to Turkey!



We keep on conquering the World, we keep on swimming the World! Do you want to swim from Europe to Asia, from Greece to Turkey? Then Rhodes - Marmaris challenge is your next goal. 18km right on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea with an exceptionally spectacular start and finish.

And as with the Strait of Gibraltar, Neda el Món offers the swimmer all its knowledge about the great crossings in open water and takes care of everything: advising the swimmer, planning the training 6 months before the challenge, monitoring these trainings, including one session per month face to face in Barcelona, and all the logistics and operationals during the week of the event in Rhodes (Greece).

Here you have all the info.

Another Neda el Món group crossed Gibraltar!



Sunday October 23rd was the big day for Natalia Chuich, Alexander Nikitin, Benoist Grossmann and Louis Trincano. After not being able to try in September, the weather gave us a break and they were able to leave Isla Tarifa at 10h02min in the morning. And they made it!

With an excellent time of 4 hours and 58 minutes, the 4 swimmers enjoyed an excellent sea and favorable currents. Deserved award after so much waiting! Nada el Món has conquered Africa also this 2022! Congratulations swim addicts!



Judith Navarro, an open water master in Medes!



Keep growing in Medes. This year is the swimmer Judith Navarro who will join us in the 14th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS that we organize next May 7, 2023. Judith is an international open water swimmer, champion of Catalonia and Spain on several occasions and has participated in multiple European and World Championships, being in several of them among the top 10 classified.

It is an honor for Nada el Món that Judith can share strokes with us. Apart from participating in our swim, Judith will present the medals to the winners of each category and will be available to take pictures with her on the beach of l'Estartit.

Thank you Judith! The swim addicts can't wait to swim with you!


Swim Holidays Dubrovnik 2023



Going back to Croatia! Known as “the pearl of the Adriatic”, Croatia awaits us with its uninhabited islets, its deserted beaches, and many hours of sunshine and good food. Take a look at Swim Holidays Dubrovnik 2023!

Croatia is a natural paradise. 10% of the country's total is ecologically protected. It has a total of eight national parks, twelve natural parks and according to UNESCO its beaches and seas are among the best preserved and cleanest in Europe. Feel all the energy of this blue paradise with Neda el Món!

We bring you a four-day Swim Holidays where we will explore the Dubrovnik Sea, the Adriatic, characterized by its calm and clean waters, with more than 1000 islands and islets of which only 48 are inhabited. Rocks, caves, cliffs, marine fauna, remote places to get lost to find yourself... all this and much more awaits us in Croatia!


We offer a four-day program where we will combine sport, tourism and food in the purest Mediterranean style. Here is the program:

  • Day 1, afternoon. Free visit to the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
  • Day 2, morning. Swim at Lokrum island, right in front of the old Dubrovnik, with distances to choose from. During the journey you will visit its spectacular Golub Spilja cave.
  • Day 2, afternoon. Guided tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Guided tour is optional.
  • Day 3, morningSwim at Slano, from its bay to the nearest beautiful beaches, with distances to choose from.
  • Day 3, afternoon. Visit Ston, its salt flats and its great wall.
  • Day 4, morningSwim at Kolocep island, with distances to choose from. During the journey you visit several caves: Svietionik, Bige and Blue Cave.

The Swim Holidays Dubrovnik pack is limited to 8 people and costs € 1150 per swimmer and € 1125 for relatives. Includes travel from Barcelona (or other origins), transfers from the airport and various visits, and accommodation for 3 nights in the old town of Dubrovnik. Click here for more information.

Only 4 spots for Bonifacio 2023!



Only 4 spots available to cross the Strait of Bonifacio with Neda el Món in 2023! The Strait of Bonifacio crossing by Neda el Món & ZOGGS will take place throughout the spring-summer of 2023, with the 4 previous training sessions in Barcelona, and which will end with the crossing in the last week of September 2023. You're still on time!

Like the Strait of Gibraltar, the Strait of Bonifacio has become one of the great challenges for open water swimmers in recent years. The Strait of Bonifacio is the sea channel that separates the island of Corsica (France) from the island of Sardinia (Italy) and connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. The crossing is between 13k and 15k long. You have all the info here.

Medes 2023: Free registration for the little swimmers!



Before we start talking about how to make your son or daughter fall in love with open water swimming we must clarity that the main goal of participating in such events should be having fun! In all of our crossings we include a Junior Open Water Crossing so that from an early age they learn to love the sea and find enjoyment in swimming in an open water environment. 

In that regards, the Medes Junior is the kids version of the Neda El Món crossings. It is a leisure and free activity set up to promote open waters from a young age. In this year's event, every kid will be able to register for one of the crossings of 50m, 100m and 200m. And as it happened in previous swims, if parents want to join their kids while they swim, they can do so. 

Please, feel free to can register the little swimmers here

Cap de Creus... once again this season!



We have made it again! Nada el Món conquered the Cap de Creus for the second time this season 2022. If the first was Pere Dalmau in June, this time it has been 3 predators of the sea as Xevi Usas, Pep Serrano and Jaume Adell who achieved it last Saturday October 8, with a spectacular time of 10 hours and 51 minutes to swim from Port de la Selva to Roses. You are made of different stuff, swim addicts!

And next year, much more. Registrations are now open for next year's event... and we already have a few! You can find all the information here.

Spectacular success of Nada el Món in Bonifacio



Spectacular success of Nada el Món in its first edition of the Crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio by ZOGGS. Of the 15 swimmers who prepared by Neda el Món during the whole season, 15 achieved the challenge!

Friday was not an easy day. Only the excellent preparation of our swim addicts allowed the total success. Congratulations to all of you. A pleasure to work for you! And thanks to Squalo Bianco and ZOOGS as always.

You can check the historical classification of Bonifacio by Neda el Món here.

And if the Bonifacio Crossing is an option for you next year, here you have all the info.

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