We're ready for the 5th Neda El Món Medes-Formigues


medes formigues travessia

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The 5th Neda El Món Illes Formigues - Illes Medes will take place on September 23, 2017. This is the longest crossing of all those held annually in Catalunya with a total of 22.3 km. It is a non-competitive journey that leaves aside the competitiveness to highlight the love of the sea and the open waters. 

The challenge is to unite Illes Medes and Illes Formigues; two spectacular and protected sites located in a wonderful enclave and separated by 22.3KM. Although the distance that is usually swam is between 25KM and 27KM. 

As explained, the route runs through a spectacular setting and you can see the most beautiful corners of the Costa Brava, such as Illes Formigues, Far de Sant Sebastià, Tamariu, Punta del Mut, Aiguablava, Sa Tuna, Aiguafreda, Cap de Begur, Pals and Illes Medes. Not forgetting all the coves that outline Costa Brava.

If this year you do not have time to sign up, inquire about the registrations for 2018 at and ask us about the technical preparation we provide during the months prior to the crossing. 

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2018 Challenge: Crossing Gibraltar Strait


strait gibraltar swim

Crossing the Strait is one of the most challenging swim for any swimmer. This particular crossing attracts swimmers from all over the world, but despite the fact that it is a short swim, its conditions make it tough and very complex.

First of all, Neda El Món only accepts swimmers who can demonstrate through competition or crossings results a minimum pace of 3.0K per hour and the assurance that can come to at least 3 out the 5 training sessions scheduled in Barcelona. 

Neda El Món coordinates the crossing along with ACNEG, which is the association in charge of the channel. We are in contact with them throughout the year and they help us complete the crossing following the best currents and providing all the needed assistance to cross the Straits (medical services, 2 support boats and staff to supervise the swimmers). The pack that we offer includes ACNEG services, accommodation in Tarifa, online training sessions and 5 training sessions in Barcelona, as well as free participation in all our crossings (with a couple of exceptions). You can see the explanation here:

In addition, we allow up to 24 registrations and we make 6 groups of 4 swimmers. All swimmers who belong to a group have a similar pace. However, swimmers must be able to go at a pace 3.0K per hour. The groups are made in the training sessions scheduled in Barcelona, where we can see the different paces, and then create the groups accordingly. Afterwards, in the coming sessions, we tweak the groups until we have all the swimmers comfortably swimming together at (more or less) the same pace. Should there be any group of swimmers who request to go together, all the swimmers in the group must go at a similar pace or wait for each other, should they have any different paces. 

Please, let us know if you have any specific doubts we can help you with at


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ja disponibles

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Day 3. The day before


straits gibraltar neda el mon

Tomorrow is the big day.

Levante gives way to Poniente after a few days of strong winds that have prevented us from crossing the Strait. On Monday we have a phenomenal window to try two crosses in a row. The first group is made up of Maria, Hugo, Óscar and Greg. When they are finished, Group 2, made up of Luis, Daniel, Serge and Karl. Two departures in a day coordinated together with ACNEG, the only association recognized to cross the Strait.

Yesterday and today have been resting days… Easy swims and talks about the final details, like how to organize the feedings so as not to waste time - swimmers only have 1 minute to feed, since the currents drag them away from the track-.

If everything goes well, eight swimmers will cross tomorrow. There still might be some degree of uncertainty about the weather, but plenty of confidence that the work done by all these swimmers tomorrow will see its fruits. 

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Tranings resumed at Club Esportiu Neda El Món


As you know, it starts a new season at the CLUB ESPORTIU NEDA EL MÓN. Starting Monday, September 4th, the training sessions will be resumed following the summer dynamics, combining training at Espai de Mar and the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools.

You can see the hours below.  From our side, we want to let you know that we start this upcoming season with great energy so that each and every one of you can achieve specific goals with the help of our two coaches, Marian and Boris. Do not hesitate to set yourself small or great feats and share them with us! 

We also want to remind you that we have programmed a number of events in the calendar that can be used as an extra motivation after this relaxed August. 

* For the first 2 weeks of September, from the 4th through the 15th, the Monday and Wednesday training sessions will take place from 8pm until 9:30pm. 

Dia 1. Arrival in Tarifa


strait gibraltar crossing

This morning Africa seems blurred. Towards there will be directed from Tarifa the 22 swimmers that will make this crossing between the days 1 and 17 of September. 

The Strait of Gibraltar expands from the Spanish coast (Isla de las Palomas) to the African coast (Punta Cires) 16 kilometers, if the current lets us swim the shortest distance between both points. If it is strong they can leave up to 22 kilometers. In addition to the currents there are other issues that concern swimmers, such as the animals that live in these waters - there is a family of orcas that lives nearby - and the temperature of the water that oscillates between 15 and 19 degrees. 

So crossing the Straits is a challenge. Or rather: THE CHALLENGE. In uppercase. 

But the CHALLENGE is not just to cross. Crossing is beautiful and fun, it's "the goal" of the season ... The real challenge is the commitment and involvement of swimmers for months to train, and to reconcile work, personal and sports life. This is difficult. Much more than doing laps at 1:30, 1:20 or 1:50. All of you have had training sessions at untimely hours in the morning (or at night); or you have arrived late at a dinner party (or you have not even reached it). Surely, many of you have been through the "I-have-a-10K-training-session-Sunday-morning" moment with your partners or relatives, who, sometimes, might have reluctantly answered "it's okaaaaaaaaay" -with a long a. But in the end here they are, sharing this adventure with you (even if it is from home in some cases) and sure telling everyone that you will cross the Straits, while they have a half smile on their faces. 

Seeing the whole panorama ... Let's hope the Strait let's be crossed in the first two weeks of September.

Good luck to everyone and Swim the World!

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New Sailfish Swimrun Light wetsuit


Sailfish Swimrun Light

Sailfish launches a new wetsuit ideal for swimrun competitions held in our country, with warmer temperatures than in the events held in Central and Northern Europe.

With a 1.5 to 2 mm thickness, it's been specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable on the running segments, where the thicker swimrun wetsuits can hinder your performance by excessive heat and less freedom of movement.

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