Neda el Món Black Week!



From today until next Monday 27th November you can enjoy the Neda el Món Black Week, with discounts of 15% both in the online shop and in the swims and crossings that we still have available registrations: Cap de Creus, Rhodes-Marmaris, Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 and SwimHolidays Dubrovnik.

Just apply the code NEDAELMONBLACK at the time of purchase. Don't miss this opportunity and enter to our calendar or our online shop!

No spots for Bonifacio 2024!



No spots available to cross the Strait of Bonifacio with Neda el Món in 2024! Next year we will be 25 swim addicts to cross from Corsica to Serdinia! But you are still on time to cross from Europe to Asia!. Do you want to swim from Greece to Turkey? Then Rhodes - Marmaris challenge is your next goal. 18km right on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea with an exceptionally spectacular start and finish.

And as with the Strait of Gibraltar, Neda el Món offers the swimmer all its knowledge about the great crossings in open water and takes care of everything: advising the swimmer, planning the training 6 months before the challenge, monitoring these trainings, including one session per month face to face in Barcelona, and all the logistics and operationals during the week of the event in Rhodes (Greece).

Here you have all the info.

Historical ranking of Rhodes Marmaris by Neda el Món & ZOGGS



Spectacular experience this season at Rhodes Marmaris. A great experience with the swim addicts, with the local skippers, with the local suppliers and with the local authorities. We felt very welcome and were able to enjoy like a real family the swim addiction and the spectacular places of Rhodes Island. As always, when it's your first time, you never know what you might find. We all enjoyed together and learned a lot about the people, the winds, the currents, the Aegean Sea.

There were 14 swim addicts who trusted in Neda el Món to cross from Europe to Asia, from Greece to Turkey, for the first time. We present them here, where you will be able to find the times, routes, direction of the swim... all the details of their spectacular crossing.

Next year, more and better in the Rhodes Marmaris!

Historical ranking of Bonifacio by Neda el Món & ZOGGS



This 2023 has been the second year that Neda el Món has accompanied swim addicts to cross the Strait of Bonifacio. In 2 years, 33 swim addicts have already crossed between Corsica and Sardinia with us. In fact, 33 swimmers out of 33 attempted: 100% efficiency! Work well done pays off and the programme prepared by Neda el Món 6 months before the crossing is a guarantee for swimmers of all levels, from the fastest to the slowest. Also the fact that, differently than in Gibraltar, all the groups can cross on the same day, means that from the week we are in Santa Teresa di Gallura (Sardinia), we only need one day of good weather for all the swimmers to achieve their challenge. For 2024 we only have 3 places left!

You can check the info about the challenge here, and the historical ranking of the challenge until today here.

Cap de Creus 28,5k: astonishing challenge in Catalonia



Nothing is impossible with Neda el Món. Everything is possible with Neda el Món! The most impressive swimming challenge in Catalonia is sorround the Cap de Creus. 28,5 kilometers within a Natural Park of extraordinary beauty. A challenge with capital letters that with Neda the Món will be easier. 

Solo, or in groups of 2, or in groups of 4, or by relays of 2 or relays of 4. Each swimmer solo, or each group, whether relay or not, will have a motor boat that will support him/them throughout the journey.

Leaving the magnificent fishing village of Port de la Selva, during the swim you can enjoy spectacular landscapes such as the bay of Cadaqués, Cap Norfeu and the bay of Roses.

Here you have all the info.

Only 7 spots available for Rhodes-Marmaris 2024!



Only 7 places available for Rhodes-Marmaris 2024! The first edition of the Rhodes-Marmaris 2023 was a total success, with 14 out of 14 swimmers from Greece to Turkey. The 2024 edition will be a qualifier for Bonifacio 2025 and gives a preferential option for the Strait of Gibraltar also the following year. As you know, Rhodes-Marmaris is the crossing from Greece to Turkey, from Europe to Asia that Neda el Món is preparing for the next October 2024.

You are still in time to register here.

Registrations open for Illes Medes 2024!



We already have a date for the 15th edition of the Neda el Món Illes Medes for the Marató TV3 by ZOGGS: May 5th, 2024. After the success of this year 2023, Neda el Món and ZOGGS are preparing an even more spectacular edition for you 2024. Almost a year away, but we can't wait to do it again! We miss you swim addicts!

Information and registration here.

Nedaddicte week in Croatia


Dubrovnik team Girona

Spectacular week of addiction in Croatia and Montenegro. As part of the SwimHolidays Dubrovnik, with a group of 10 Nedadicts from Geieg Girona, we visited Kotor, Perast, Stone and Dubrovnik, in addition to swimming the always spectacular islands of the Croatian coast, such as Koloceb and Lokrum.

Even though the weather was not good the first few days, we managed to swim about 11,000 meters for the last 3 ten days. How we like to work for addicts!

Next year, SwimHolidays Dubrovnik from June 21 to 24. You have all the information here.

We already have the 2024 calendar!



We already have the calendar closed for the Neda el Món 2024 season. With more enthusiasm than ever and with the support as always from ZOGGS and HEAD, we will repeat one more year with Medes, Dubrovnik, Maddalena, Gibraltar, Bonifacio, Rhodes-Marmaris and Cap de Creus. You can see the full program here.

Looking forward to seeing you again, swim addicts! In 2024, more and better!

Alain Simac also crosses from Europe to Asia!



Alain Simac was unable to complete the Rhodes Marmaris in his first attempt as he felt unwell on Sunday 8 October. But Alain didn't give up, and neither does Neda el Món! In the next break that the weather gave us, on Wednesday 11 October, Alain tried again, this time in the opposite direction, from Rhodes (Greece) to Marmaris (Turkey).

The currents were more favourable on this side of the crossing and Alain made a fantastic time, 6 hours 41 minutes, and without a wetsuit! Alain already holds the record for crossing from Europe to Asia without a wetsuit. Congratulations Alain!

If you want to be the next to participate in this wonderful crossing, don't think about it: book yourself from 5 to 13 October next year and register here.

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