1a Neda el Món Swim Run Llançà-El Port de la Selva


swimrun port de la selva

A few days ago we announced the celebration of a swim run in the area of El Port de la Selva. For reasons external to than this organization, the first edition of this race changes its date and will be held on October 7th, 2018.

The 1st Neda el Món Swim Run Llançà-El Port de la Selva runs through the North Costa Brava. The race has two distances: 10K and 25K, being the startint point the beach of Llançà, and fishing at the beautiful village of El Port de la Selva.

The 10K race follows the tracks bordering the coast and links Llançà with El Port de la Selva, while the 25K race will have a circuit that will pass through the Natural Park of National Interest of the Albera that will later join the track of the 10K race.

The available distances are:

  • Individual 10K men and women
  • Individual 25K men and women
  • Teams 10K men, women and mixed
  • Teams 25k men, women and mixed

Registrations will be opened on May 1st, 2018

1a Neda el Món Swim Run El Port de la Selva


parreño swim run

The SwimRun is a race of teams where multiple stretches of the race combine and open waters and trail without transitions. Since 2005 the SwimRun has become a mass sport in the Nordic Countries and Neda el Món organized a race of these characteristics for the first time in 2016 in the Costa de Barcelona.

The 1st Neda el Món Swim Run El Port de la Selva runs through the North of Costa Brava. The race has two distances: 10K and 25K (the 25K will be made available soon), with departures from the beach of Llançà, and with arrivals to the fishing village of El Port de la Selva. The available distances are:

  • Individual 10K masculino y femenino
  • Individual 10K masculino y femenino
  • Equipos 25K masculino, femenino y mixto
  • Equipos 25K masculino, femenino y mixto

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Que no se te pase, el 30 de marzo es el último día para aprovechar la inscripción a precio reducido a la 8ª Neda el Món SwimBarcelona  que celebraremos el próximo 27 de mayo!

Con dos distancias, 5,7 km y 3,6 km, es una travesía realmente espectacular que te permitirá disfrutar del skyline de Barcelona desde el mar.

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Swimming at the optimal speed



For distance swimmers one physiological factor is key: your lactate threshold. If you improve your lactate threshold pace, you will swim the same distance with less time. When training, your ability to sprint or work anaerobically above threshold is quite irrelevant when it comes to swimming long distances.

In order to improve your lactate threshold you should swim sets at your current threshold pace or just below it. Do not make the mistake of training above lactate threshold in short sharp swim sets - that isn't nearly as effective.

Source: Swim Smooth

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Zoggs, Official Sponsor of the 9th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3


zoggs patrocinador

Neda el Món is proud to announce one more time “Zoggs” as the Official Sponsor and Experience Maker of the ninth edition of the Medes Island swim whose profits go for Marató de TV3 Foundation.

Established in Australia, the home of swimming, Zoggs has an unrivalled passion when it comes to all things swimming! They began by creating an innovative range of market leading swimming goggles and while their goggles for all ages still remain at the heart of the brand, they now offer everything from Zoggs swimwear to swimming equipment.

A full service swim brand, just like Neda el Món, Zoggs wants to get people all over the world involved with everything that swimming has to offer. Zoggsswimming costumes provide confidence in the water while their selection of swimming equipment will help new swimmers to learn and develop their skills even further.

Zoggs goggles allow you to experience the underwater world like never before. Providing a comfortable fit and a strong durability, Zoggs goggles will help children swimmers build confidence in the water and also ensure that stronger swimmers get the best performance out of each and every swim.

Whether you swim for fitness or recreation, Zoggs products offer an unbeatable quality and durability that Zoggs’ customers have grown to rely in time and time again.

Share the Zoggs passion for swimming by browsing the complete range top performance swimming costumes and swimming trunks here.

Neck protection for wetsuits



Experts in the chemical sector and dermatological lovers of this sport, have come together to create this fantastic product.

Manufactured with elastic material and vaseline to create a protective layer between the skin and suit. It separates the movement of the neck from the wetsuit, totally reducing the risk of skin injuries. Designed with a flap-shaped extension to extend protection to the wetsuit zip fastening area.

Suitable for use with vaseline
With a density lower than that of water (it floats), it does not affect the swimmer’s buoyancy
Elastic and easy to put on. (Triathlon: In a race, it can be removed as fast as a swimming cap or goggles)
Washable and reusable
It is sold with a plastic container for storage and transport

Check all details on our online store!

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Visit our online store and check out the new goggles that Zoggs has created for this season!

New models, colors, materials and features for an excellent performance both at sea and in the pool. UV protection, anti-fog treatment, 180 ° view ... Top technology made glasses so you can focus on enjoying the swim or do your best while training.

Some models have been created in a limited edition, so if you like them, do not think twice!

Swimmer's shoulder injury



Many times we hear that someone suffers the swimmer's shoulder but we do not know exactly what it is or how it is produced, much less how it can be avoided.

This injury, also known as the subacromial syndrome, is the narrowing of the space between the head of the humerus and the acromion (a bony relief that belongs to the scapula) and, as a consequence, compresses the structures that pass through it such as the rotators’ cuff, the tendon of the biceps and the subacromial deltoid bursa.

In swimming there is a high risk of suffering from it, since the subacromial space narrows when the arm is raised above the head in a repetitive manner, as in the stroke of the crawl or freestyle. Other causes can also be scapular hypermobility, poor technique or poor training in which muscle recovery or muscle balance is not taken into account, especially if paddles or other materials are used to increase water resistance.

The pain is characterized by pain from the outside and from the front of the shoulder, in movements of abduction and external rotation of the shoulder, as it rests on the affected side and, even, nocturnal pain may come to wake up.

In the case of noticing such symptoms is important to go to the doctor and the physiotherapist to start treatment. It also helps to apply a cold patch, from 5 to 10 minutes, due to its anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.

After recovery, resuming training sessions must be progressive. In order to prevent the injury it should be taken into account the muscle balance, the dosage of training loads and perform well the stretching technique.


El Quito Meta, Official Partner of Neda el Món

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The Neda el Món Pack is a promotion to participate in 3 of the swims organized by Neda el Món.

  • 8a Neda el Món SwimBarcelona (Barcelona)
  • 9a Neda el Món Zoggs Illes Medes Marató TV3 (Girona)
  • 5a Neda el Món SwimBarcelona Sant Silvestre (Barcelona)

The Neda el Món pack costs 90€. 

Once you have the Neda el Món pack, you need to send an email to telling us about it and we will register you!


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