Plan your swim and swimrun season!


Neda el Món

Take a look at our calendar and start now planning for the season!

  • 17-19 March, Calella (Barcelona): 4th Neda el Món Training Camp
  • 28 May, Barcelona: 7th Neda el Món SwimBarcelona 5,7 k / 3,6 k
  • 4 June, Deltebre (Tarragona): 1st Neda el Món SwimRun Delta de l'Ebre 32 k / 13 k
  • 17-18 June, Andratx (Mallorca): 7th Neda el Món Sa Dragonera 9,5k / 3,2 k (new personalized format)
  • 22-25 June, Sardenya (Italia): 4th Neda el Món SwimHolidays Maddalena 5,1 k / 7,4 k / 8,3 k
  • 1- 17 September, Tarifa (Cádiz): 6th Estrecho de Gibraltar con Neda el Món  16k
  • 9-11 September, Port de la Selva: 2nd Neda el Món SwimHolidays Costa Brava 5,8 k / 5,3 k / 4,8 k / 7,3 k
  • 23-24 September, Calella Palafrugell: 5th Neda el Món Medes Islands – Formigues Islands 22,3 k
  • 4-5 November, L’Estartit (Girona): 8th Neda el Món ZOGGS Medes Islands Marató TV3 5,2k / 3,4 k
  • 19 November, Barcelona: 2nd Neda el Món SwimRun Barcelona 32 k / 21 k / 11 k
  • 16-17 December, Barcelona: 4th Neda el Món SwimBarcelona Saint Sylvester 1,5 k / 2,5 k

See you there!

Neda el Món Club: new schedule and more sessions in the sea!


Club Neda el Món

Do you want ant to improve your swimming technique and enjoy more of each swim? Join the Neda El Món Club!

With group sessions at the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools, 20% discounts on the Crossings and Clinics of our calendar, group outings to swim on the sea and now also swimrun sessions!

Either you choose the weekly or the monthly option, the training sessions are 2 hours long and they are composed by a dryland workout (Thera-Band®), a swimming technique workout and a swimming endurance workout. There is also an online option.

Read all the details and schedule at this link or send us and e-mail to for any question you may have.

Make a major step forward in your open water performance!


Add some colour to your open water swimming sessions


Boia Neda el Món

What about adding some pink to your open water swims and workouts?

Now you can get the Neda el Món safety dry bag also in pink! Available in two sizes and with the same advantages that the orange  and yellow ones::

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes.

Visit our online store and choose your size. It is available in 64x30 cm and 60x26 cm.

Great weekend in Calella at the Neda el Món Training Camp!


Training Camp Neda el Món

Thanks to all those attending the Neda el Món Training Camp for such a fantastic weekend! We hope you have enjoyed and learned a lot and are even more motivated for a fantastic open water season!

Thanks also to the excellent teachers who shared their valuable knowledge with us: Marian García, Roger Pérez, Noemí Prieto (El Quinto Meta), Fernando Castillo and Loli Medina.

And of course thanks to the Crol Centre Calella for leting us enjoy its fantastic facilities.

Do you want to keep learning with our technical team? You couldn't make it to the Training Camp and all those pictures on our social networks made you jealous? No problem, Neda el Món's training provision never stops!

Join the Neda el Món Club and enjoy with us of workout sessions for open water swimmers in the swimming pool and in the sea, and now also swimrun sessions!

June 4th: 1st Neda el Món Swimrun Delta de l'Ebre


Neda el Món Swimrun

Registrations are open for the 1st Neda el Món Swimrun Delta de l'Ebre

We at Neda el Món are hooked on open water swimming but also to this fun new discipline that comes from Scandinavia and is more than popular now in most Europe.

The event will take place in Delta de l'Ebre (Tarragona) on June 4th, starting and finishing in Riomar and passing through incomparable natural places. Click here to see all the details and mark the date on your calendar!

If you also want to get ready with us for this adventure join the Neda el Món Club! Swimming workouts in the sea and the swimming poll and also swimrun workouts for you to become a better swimmer and swimrunner.

(Photo: Orca)

New Neda el Món buoy with a cell phone pouch


Boia aigües obertes

Want to take a selfie offshore, send a WhatsApp, make a call or control the GPS application? It is now possible with the new Neda el Món buoy with a cell phone pouch!

You can put your cell phone inside of all our buoys without any risk, but with this one you can also interact with the touchscreen.

And all this with the same security and visibility benefits than the other models!

Check all details on our online store!

Looking for a great gift for Father's Day? How about sharing a swim with him?


Neda el Món gift voucher

You were  probably in your father's arms the first time you dipped into the sea...

How about giving him a Neda el Món swim registration for you both to swim along together? Or a Neda el Món gift voucher for him to get some new swimming gear?

Give swim addiction!

Video of the 3rd Neda el Món SwimBarcelona Saint Sylvester


Do not miss the video of the 3rd Neda el Món SwimBarcelona Saint Sylvester that was held last January 8th!

Thanks Tuath Studio!

New Premium modality for the 7th Neda el Món Sa Dragonera swim


Neda el Món Sa Dragonera

We've created a Premium version of the Neda el Món Sa Dragonera swim. By choosing it you'll have a kayak available only for you, which means you won’t have to adapt to the rhythm of any group.

Are you interested? All the details on this link!

2nd Neda el Món Swimrun Barcelona by Wetness: registrations are now open!


Swimrun Barcelona

Registrations for the 2nd Neda el Món Swimrun Barcelona by Wetness are now open! All details on this link.

It will take place on November 19 and you'll be able to choose amongst 3 distances either individually or in pairs: 32.830 m - 21.470 m - 11.910 m.

Swimrun is a trial in which multiple running tracks are combined with multiple open water swimming sections without interruptions. It has become very popular In the Scandinavian countries since 2005.

Join the adventure!


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