The aquatic brand Wetness keeps growing



Eight months after the agreement signed between Neda el Món and Wetness we love to see how their sports project keeps growing every day to get to more and more swim addicts.

Wetness was launched a year ago as a brand specialized in aquatic activities, with programs designed to harness the full potential of the aquatic environment, both in the training and health as physical performance, a ground where there's still much to explore. It is divided into three categories: wetness academy, wetness health and wetness training, aimed at different profiles of people with a common element, be water fans.

From that point, it has started to get into some facilities in the province of Barcelona, including CEM Bernat Picornell swimming pools, a place you already know thanks to the Neda el Món Club training sessions.

Picornell incorporates the following Wetness modalities:

  • Wetness Training. Custom programs for the public who play sport with physical demands, to overcome it and improve the basic physical. A varied offer shows that, beyond swimming, water offers many opportunities for training. Work sessions with well-defined objectives to reach one's goals.
  • Wetness Academy. Training offer in all water disciplines, with a methodology that is more evident when we talk about the courses aimed to children. It works with a pedagogical approach and seeks the involvement of all actors involved in the educational process, both parents and teachers that lead children to sports centers, to water activities.

    In this process of familiarization with the environment, Wetness works together with Neda el Món organizing the Junior swims, a fun and motivating activity to test the skills acquired in the pool.

To learn more about Wetness, take a look at their  website and social networks!

Remember also that soon they'll be with us in the Wetness Medes Junior (November 6) and the 1st  Neda el Món Swimrun Barcelona by Wetness (November 20). See you there!

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