Neda el Món Junior: open waters for small swim addicts


Neda el Món Junior

Neda el Món wants to spread the swim addiction also among the children, that is why we have created Neda el Món Junior! 

Neda el Món Junior is the children's version of the non-competitive Neda el Món swims, a play activity that aims to promote open water swimming among kids, with distances for all swimming levels.

The Junior events planned for this 2014 are:

  • 3rd Transfronterera Junior (15 June)
  • 3rd Sailfish SwimBarcelona Junior (6 July) 
  • 1st Combarro · Tambo Island Junior (27 July)
  • 1st Santa Marina Island Junior (31 August)

Registrations are open on our website!

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