2nd edition of the Formigues Islands - Medes Islands swim


Formigues Medes

14 swimmers jumped into the water on Saturday to swim the 22,3 km of the Formigues - Medes crossing. Of those 14, 7 had to abandon and 7 more reached Medes after swimming for more than 9 hours.

The toughness of the swim caused the withdrawals around the kilometer 10, specially among those swimmers that were not wearing a wetsuit.

The swimmers that completed the crossing are: Michael Pranckl, Rubén Sarlé, Boguslaw Wozniak, Sergio Castelnuovo, Pere Dalmau, Loic Tordo and Josep Maria Caireta.

Congratulations to all participants, those who finished and those who did not, because they all deserve our admiration. A big hug to you all!

Pictures of the swim.

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