Next stop: 6th Railsider Transfronterera!



Next Sunday June 15 we invite you to swim across the border from France to Spain: such a challenge! In fact, it used to be a crime before the Schengen Agreement. Nowadays it’s a romantic adventure.

We’ll start at Cerbère (France), following the Cap de Cerbère and enjoying part of the Marenda Coast. The challenge will end at the lovely Portbou village, protected by a rock-cut bay. From year 2013, you can swim Transfronterera (Cerbère - Portbou 3.300m) or double Transfronterera (Portbou - Cerbère - Portbou 6.600m).

The registration fee for the 6th Railsider Transfronterera is € 39 before June 5, and € 45 thereafter.

The event will also include a children’s version for small swim addicts: Swim the World Junior! Distances, according to swimming levels will be 50 m,  100 m or 200 m. The registration fee for kids is € 3.

Are you up for it? More details on this link!

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