XII Medes Islands by Zoggs



The XII Medes Islands by Zoggs will be held on October 24 at L'Estartit. As we already know, Neda el Món Illes Medes by ZOGGS allocates 100% of the profits each year to the TV3 Marathon, this year dedicated to raising funds for mental health.

You can sign up for the crossing by clicking here.

Swim from France to Italy! Strait of Bonifacio 2022



The Strait of Bonifacio is the sea channel that separates the island of Corsica (France) from the island of Sardinia (Italy) and connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the western part of the Mediterranean Sea (the Italians call this sector "sea of Sardinia"). It is about 11 km wide and about 100 meters deep.

As the Strait of Gibraltar, the Strait of Bonifacio has become one of the great challenges for open water swimmers in recent years.

And as with the Strait of Gibraltar, Neda el Món makes available to the swimmer all its knowledge about the great challenges in open water and it will be responsible for everything: informing and advising the swimmer, training planning 6 months before the challenge, follow-up of these trainings, including one face-to-face session per month in Barcelona, and all the logistics and operations during the week of the event in Sardinia.

The crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio with Neda el Món guarantees a spot to cross the Strait of Gibraltar with Neda el Món the following year. If you also have this goal and want to join the group of Neda el Món that will cross Bonifacio, click here to know all the details of the challenge.

Swim Holidays Dubrovnik 2022



Let's go to Croatia! Known as “the pearl of the Adriatic”, Croatia awaits us with its uninhabited islets, its deserted beaches, and many hours of sunshine and good food. Take a look at Swim Holidays Dubrovnik 2022!

Croatia is a natural paradise. 10% of the country's total is ecologically protected. It has a total of eight national parks, twelve natural parks and according to UNESCO its beaches and seas are among the best preserved and cleanest in Europe. Feel all the energy of this blue paradise with Neda el Món!

We bring you a four-day Swim Holidays where we will explore the Dubrovnik Sea, the Adriatic, characterized by its calm and clean waters, with more than 1000 islands and islets of which only 48 are inhabited. Rocks, caves, cliffs, marine fauna, remote places to get lost to find yourself... all this and much more awaits us in Croatia!


We offer a four-day program where we will combine sport, tourism and food in the purest Mediterranean style. Here is the program:

  • Day 1, afternoon. Free visit to the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
  • Day 2, morning. Swim at Lokrum island, right in front of the old Dubrovnik, with distances to choose from. During the journey you will visit its spectacular Golub Spilja cave.
  • Day 2, afternoon. Guided tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Guided tour is optional.
  • Day 3, morningSwim at Slano, from its bay to the nearest beautiful beaches, with distances to choose from.
  • Day 3, afternoon. Visit Ston, its salt flats and its great wall.
  • Day 4, morningSwim at Kolocep island, with distances to choose from. During the journey you visit several caves: Svietionik, Bige and Blue Cave.

The Swim Holidays Dubrovnik pack is limited to 8 people and costs € 950 per swimmer and € 925 for relatives. Includes travel from Barcelona (or other origins), transfers from the airport and various visits, and accommodation for 3 nights in the old town of Dubrovnik. Click here for more information.


Gibraltar Strait is coming


Swimmers who will be crossing the Strait of Gibraltar at the beginning of September face the final stretch of physical preparation in an intense weekend with lots of pool and sea trainings.
Last weekend some of the swimmers who will cross the Strait of Gibraltar in September trained on Saturday and Sunday to be able to assess their fitness and add the final training loads before their arrival in Tarifa (the town that will host them during the week they attempt the crossing).
On Saturday morning the group of swimmers performed a 4,000m soft pool session that included a swimming test to assess their pace and fitness. On Sunday they did a longer swim of 7,000m between Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Arenys de Mar, aimed at swimming comfortably with the rest of the group.
It should be noted swimmers participating in this crossing receive advice from Neda el Món technical team from the moment they start this adventure. In addition, during the six months prior to the crossing they receive five weekly training sessions to help them do quality training designed to face this challenge with the maximum guarantees. Three face-to-face trainings are also scheduled in Barcelona.
For more information on the Strait of Gibraltar click here or send an email at

11a Neda el Món Illes Medes in benefit of Marató TV3 by Zoggs


Neda el Món Zoggs

For those who do not know about the swim, it is a crossing that fully allocates its profits to the TV3 Marató, which this year focuses on the fight against coronavirus.

For those with more experience you can join the 5,200m swim, which goes around the Medes Islands, and you also have the 3,400m and 1,700m. You can sign up for the crossing by clicking here, where you will also find more information on each distance separately.

We want to reiterate that today we are monitoring the progress of the coronavirus outbreak and that at all times the security protocols stipulated by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Procicat will be respected.

We hope to make our contribution to the fight against coronavirus with the celebration of the 11th Neda el Món Illes Medes for the TV3 by Zoggs Marathon.



How to improve your pace in open water swimming



Many swimmers wonder how they can improve their pace. There are several elements involved in improving it. In this article we will review them to give you some tips ton how to improve the pace of swimming in open water.

First, you need to think that you can swim at various speeds (like the “gears” of a car), but you need to train to make it possible. To improve your pace you have to do sets. That is, you cannot always train at a fast pace or at a cruising pace. It is necessary to vary the intensities throughout the training.


Short sets (25m-50m-100m)

The short sets serve to work a little above your optimal swimming pace. The optimal swimming pace is one that allows you to swim without getting too tired for a good while. To improve it, you need to train short sets to increase your lactate resistance. Some examples of series you can include in your workouts are:

  • 10x100 fast 20" rest
  • 8x50 fast 20" rest
  • 4x25 fast 20" rest

Medium pace sets (200m-400m)

With these sets you will not seek to go at your maximum speed. Aerobic endurance is worked on with longer breaks, of about 30 seconds, and the idea is to internalize these pace in the long series. For example:

  • 4x200 30" rest
  • 3x300 45" rest
  • 2x400 45" rest

Long sets (+400m)

With long sets you can practice situations similar to those of competition. You can include longer sets in your workouts and you have to try to swim them faster and faster, by improving your pace at shorter sets. You can start by making "pyramids" like this:

  • 100m -15"- 200m - 20" - 400m -45" x2 
  • 2x800 1 minute rest
  • 3x500 45 seconds rest

It is very important that your workouts are dynamic and fun, not monotonous. Workouts should serve to improve your pace, distract your mind, have fun, and improve as an athlete.

Let's swim! 


Gibraltar crossing 2020: we’ve closed registrations. The registration for Gibraltar crossing 2021 is opened



As we’ve completed the 24 inscriptions for the 2020 Gibraltar crossing, Neda el Món opens from now on the inscriptions for the 2021 crossing. Are you up for an incredible challenge? Cross the Strait of Gibraltar with us in 2021! It’s between 16 and  18 km of  open  waters, swimming from Tarifa to Morocco, accompanied by dolphins, moonfish, tuna fish...

You will find all information at Start your adventure right now!

Sign in for the 11th Neda el Món Zoggs Medes Islands Marató TV3 with a 30% discount!



The Neda el Món Zoggs Medes Islands Marató TV3 celebrates this year its 11th anniversary and in order to commemorate with lots of swim addict, Neda el Món offer a 30% discount to the first 100 swimmers who sign in to any of the three distances of the 11th Neda el Món Zoggs Medes Islands Marató TV3 which will take place on October 25: 1.7 k, 3.4 k or 5.2 k.

Just enter the code MEDES30% during the registration process. Be a part of it and enjoy with us the Natural Park of the Medes Islands!

Swim Emotions assumes the Technical Direction of the 10th Swim the World Zoggs Medes Islands Marathon TV3



Swim Emotions and Swim the World have reached an agreement in which Swim Emotions, the entity led by Jonathan Gómez, take the Technical Direction of the 10th edition of Swim the World Zoggs Medes Islands TV3 Marathon. It will be celebrated as every year in Estartit, on October the 20th, 2019.

With 3 distances (1700m, 3400m and 5200m), Swim the World Zoggs Medes Islands  Marathon TV3, is the Open Water Crossing that more swimmers has gathered in just one edition, it was in 2017 with 1.025 swimmers. This year we want to be more!

You can take advantage of our 10% discount using the code MEDES10 when you  register:

Swim the World Zoggs Illes Medas Marató TV3


Neda el Món Zoggs

Hello Swim Addicts!

Swim the World Zoggs Illes Medas Marató TV3 is about to begin! It will be the 10th edition, and it will take place on October the 20th, 2019.

For those who do not know what Swim the World Zoggs Illes Medas Marató TV3 is, it is a Solidary Open Water Swimming, the  benefits of which are allocated to the Marató TV3. For those who have experience in open waters swimming, there is the long circuit, which consists in swimming around the Gran Meda Island, and it is about 5.200m, for the ones that want to introduce themselves to Open Water Swimming, there are shorter routes, such as 3.400m and 1.700m.

If you want to participate, you can register yourself just doing click on the following link, where you can also find more information about each distance: .

Because this is the 10th edition, we would like to make it really special, so, we want to remain you that we gave you a code with a 10% discount: MEDES10

See you on October the 20th!

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