Neda el Món and its sustainability compromise.

  • Neda el Món applies sustainability principles along the organisation of the events. The places we select for the events are beautiful, spectacular landscapes which are environmentally protected.
  • Neda el Món includes a sustainability area in the organisation of its project as well as in the list of the tasks to be carried out during the events.
  • Neda el Món, as a sustainable project, minimizes the negative impact on the environment we visit and respects the local culture and traditions.
  • Neda el Món assumes and respects the regulations of the protected areas we work in.
  • Neda el Món believes we have to transmit the participants and their friends and relatives the value of the surroundings where the events take place. We have to inform and make them aware of the need to preserve the nature, its biodiversity and its cultural heritage.
  • Neda el Món seeks to minimize the impact of the participants’ transfers at the events by using more environmental-friendly ways of transport.
  • Neda el Món is a financially sustainable project. It chooses more discreet, even cheaper operations, always keeping in mind, however, to offer the best possible product.
  • Neda el Món always tries to promote local economy wherever we operate, contracting companies, people and products from the region, and encouraging the participants to do so too.
  • Neda el Món engages to procure selective management of all the waste originated by its activities, and encourages all the participants to do so too.
  • Neda el Món avoids generating too much waste, working with wholesale and reusable material, or, at least, with recyclable or non-polluting material.
  • Neda el Món is a sustainable project that, in some cases, gives part of the registration revenue to the institutions that work for the conservation of the natural areas we visit.
  • Neda el Món believes that, in order to prevent impacts due to overcrowding, the number of participants in every event has to be regulated.
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