Get to know Droppy - SwimBCN San Silvestre Junior

Come to the swim with your kids, and while you are swimming... we entertain them!

Come swim with the family, take your kids and your partner to have fun with us. We will do activities related to the marine world, we will play, draw, sing and explain stories.

If you come with a swimmer you can not miss this activity. Enjoy with Neda el Món how Droppy's growth. A character that will make us know the terrestrial fauna and learn all we can find.

Droppy with Neda El Món

Ei! Do you know who's Droppy? Do you want to learn a lot of things with him? Join us on this journey to discover the marine world and his mission in the world. You know what is a hedgehog? And a shark egg? How a whale sings? While waiting for the swimmers, get to know the Mediterranean sea and help Droppy to take care of it.

Environmental entertainment activity:

  • For whom? Children from 3 to 10 years. Adults free!
  • What will we do? Discover the sea, animals and plants that live there. Play in the sand finding shells, leaves and more. Discover their names and touch them!
  • How will it be? During about 2 hours we will have fun doing lots of things; explaining Droppy's story and singing their song; discovering shells, screws, sharks, sea grass, whales and more.

Droppy's Adventures is an educational and environmental improvement initiative. A series of stories and activities aimed to spread the defense of the sea and the biosphere through creativity.

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