Sports psychology preparation

A new kind of Neda el Món Clinic: the sports psychology or mental preparation for great challenges in open waters.  It’s our sports psychologist  Meritxell Bellatriu, specialized in individual sports resistance , who will come and give us a one hour lecture.  Mental preparation is a vital part of a swimmer’s complete preparation.  A swimmer must train his/her body, take care of his/her food, bear in mind technical as well as tactical aspects, but in order to optimize benefits, to avoid that our head plays tricks on us, we must train our mind as well. This clinic will be about how to get mentally prepared for a long distance challenge. It will be a practical workshop based on:

  • How to establish training objectives and competition
  • The competition planning
  • Foresee difficulties
  • Improve the way of dealing with negative thoughts, and  positive self dialogue .

At the end of the lecture written material about the subject of the clinic will be handed out.

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