Swimming in Open Water Clinic

We offer a 2-hours online and free clinic, where we can learn and experience those additional techniques that complement open water swimming with our professional swimmers Pol Gil, Guillem Pujol and Eric Vilaregut. Moreover, as we do, we can enjoy the wisdom of our coach and crack Jonathan Gomez, who will direct the techniques of front crawl in open water. Here is the link to connect:


  • Planning the training for long distance swimming in open waters
  • Incorporate skills and techniques specifically for swimming long distances in open waters
  • Identify the circumstances that may occur in open water swimming
  • Experience the dry land training system for open waters, combining functional workout, flexibility and TRX exercises
  • Observation and following the advice about nutrition and hydration during long distance swimming in open waters

Crawl technique (2 hours) - Pol Gil, Guillem Pujol, Eric Vilaregut and Jonathan Gómez

Swimming in open waters

  • Characteristics of open waters
  • Crawl techniques
  • Crawl techniques applied to open waters
  • Training in open waters

Training planning

  • Building up a training
  • Technique control
  • Energy systems
  • Arms, feet, tests
  • Training examples

Open water tactics

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