Défi de Monte Cristo (Marseille) with Neda el Món

Would you like go join Neda el Món and go to one of the most legendary crossings in Europe?

The Défi (challenge) of Monte Cristo (Marseille) is based upon the romantic story of Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo, who was imprisoned but escaped from the If Castle, a jail on a small island in front of Marseille. The crossing goes from the If Island to the Grand Roucas Blanc beach, near the Marseille city centre.

This year will be the 19th edition. It’s the most traditional crossing in the South of Europe, and every year there are more than 2.500 participants who can choose between three distances: 1km, 2.5km and 5km.


Défi de Monte Cristo, 5km

Défi de Monte Cristo, 2,5km

Défi de Monte Cristo, 1km

Program: Saturday 17th

  • 7am: Departure from Barcelona (Arc de Triomf)
  • 8am: Departure from Girona (Decathlon Girona)
  • 1pm: Arrival at the Marseille hotel, check-in and free time for lunch
  • 2.15pm: Transfer to Plage du Grand Roucas Blanc
  • 3.30pm: Start Monte Cristo 2.5km crossing
  • 5pm: free time for dinner in Marseille centre
  • 9pm: Departure back to the Marseille hotel

Program:  Sunday 18th

  • 8am: Transfer to Plage du Grand Roucas Blanc
  • 9am: Transfer by boat to the If Castle
  • 10am: Start Monte Cristo 5km crossing
  • 2.30pm: Start Monte Cristo 1km crossing
  • 3pm: free time for lunch in Marseille centre
  • 5pm: Departure back to Girona and Barcelona
  • 10pm: Arrival at Girona (Decathlon Girona)
  • 11pm: Arrival at Barcelona (Arc de Triomf)

The price of the whole pack for the Défi Monte Cristo crossing with Neda el Món depends on the crossing distance you choose, and on your hotel room (single or double). Included in the pack:

  • The Défi Monte Cristo inscription fee
  • Transfers between Barcelona, Girona, the Marseille hotel, Marseille centre and the starting line at the Grand Roucas Blanc beach.
  • One night accommodattion in Marseille.
  • Two open water training sessions in El Masnou (Barcelona), on Saturday 9th April, and on Saturday 14th May.

Furthermore, Neda el Món will coordinate everything with the Défi Monte Cristo organisation, and will address all the needs that may occur during the journey.

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