Estartit - Medes Islands - Marató TV3

Swimming around the Medes Islands is spectacular. Every year Neda el Món organises a challenging crossing in a spectacular surrounding, the protected area of the Medes Islands. Since 2011 the crossing starts at the small Estartit beach, we swim between the big and the small Meda Island and finish again at the small Estartit beach.


5.1k swim

3.9k swim

1.7k swim

Marató de TV3 supports research

This year the Marató focuses on raising funds to fight against the Mental Health. Like every year, Neda el Món organizes an event that allocates 100% of its profits to the Marató.
With the goal of guaranteeing the safety of all the people who will be involved in some way in this event, Neda el Món has organized a safety protocol against Covid19 that we summarize below. 

Safety Protocol Against Covid-19

  • Capacity limited to 800 swimmers.
  • The exits of 5.1K and 3.9K swims will be made in groups of 6 swimmers who will start swimming every 15 seconds.
  • The 1.7km swim will be done from Meda Gran to the beach of L'Estartit. The transfer to Medes will be done by boat as every year.
  • The departure time will be from 10:00 am to 10:34 am.
  • Swimmers must wear the fasce mask in the starting area and will only remove it before swimming. Upon arrival at the finish line, they will be given a mask that they must put on.
  • An online technical meeting will be held on Thursday before the event.
  • Specific signage and circuits will be created to avoid crowds.
  • All material and items will have been previously disinfected.
  • Once the swimmer's bag is delivered, the swimmer will no longer have contact with the organization.
  • There will only be a wardrobe service for swimmers who cannot leave their backpacks with a family member.
  • The wardrobe service will be without contact between the organization-swimmer.
  • The use of a face mask is mandatory at all times.
  • The sponsors' stands will be outside the operational area.
  • The Neda el Món store will be outside the operational area.

Safety buoy

In order to improve the swimmer’s security, the use of an ISHOF Neda el Món safety buoy is recommended.  This buoy makes swimmers more “visible”, and, in case a swimmer gets injured or very tired, he or she can cling to it, without affecting at all the swim effectiveness. For more information click here.


  • Food and drink supplies. During the event and after the event the organisation will provide food and drink supplies at the stipulated places.
  • Cloakroom service. There will be a cloakroom service at the arrival zone.
  • Security/medical service. In first place the kayaks will provide security. In case anybody needs to be evacuated, pneumatic boats are available. In addition there will be a medically equipped boat and an ambulance at the arrival.
  • Insurances. All swimmers and all volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents. 

Swimcap Zero

Very special element you can find in this event, "Swimcap Zero". For those who want to collaborate with the charity of TV3 Marathon, you can buy for only € 20 the swimcap of the TV3 Marathon here. 100% of income "Swimcap Zero" will be credited automatically to the account of the TV3 Marathon.

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