All set to cross from Europe to Asia in 2023!

This week we have been in Greece and Turkey to close the preparations for the first edition of the Rhodes - Marmaris. As you know, the Rhodes - Marmaris is the crossing from Greece to Turkey, from Europe...

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3 top swimmers in our top crossing!

For the second consecutive year we have 3 top swimmers in our top crossing, the 14th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS that we are organizing on May 7, 2023. We will also be accompanied this year by Guillem Pujol, winner of the...

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No spots for Bonifacio 2023!

No spots available to cross the Strait of Bonifacio with Neda el Món in 2023! But you are still on time to cross from Europe to Asia!. Do you want to swim from Greece to Turkey? Then Rhodes - Marmaris challenge is your next goal...

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The best buoy, Neda el Món buoy!

The Neda el Món safety dry bag has been specifically designed for open water swimmers, serving four important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke...

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Boia Neda el Món

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