Reduced price for Medes!

February the 4th is the last day to register with reduced price to the 13th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS. This crossing is a unique and very special open waters event. Very special for two reasons: because it is the only solidarity...

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Do you need a yellow chip?

If you need a yellow chip for one of the Neda el Món crossings, or for any other sports activity like Triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon or running, you can find one at our online shop. We can hand it over to you before one of our crossings, or we can send it to your...

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Red-ness, a new Neda el Món sponsor

Red-ness has decided to join Neda el Món and to become one of the sponsors that support the project and the activities in open waters. Red-ness is dedicated to the production and selling of publicity and promotional articles, 100% customizable, and adapts the products to the needs of their clients...

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Jonathan Gómez: Neda el Món, in the best hands!

It has been many years now that Neda el Món and Jonathan Gómez have worked together. And we, Neda el Món people, are very, very happy! Jonny is an exceptional coach: he is technically impeccable, and, on top of it, he has an unequalled passion which immediately captures...

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